Tuesday, September 25, 2018


“I like learning how to protect myself.” James 7 yrs old

“Sensei Kim’s kid’s class is a combination of discipline, training and fun and I cannot be more impressed with his teaching. Sensei Kim really cares for these kids and is instilling in them honorable traits such as respect, honor, discipline and confidence.”

“Karate has made me more confident and stronger as a person.”
Patric 13 yrs old

“I like running and counting to 20 in Japanese.”
Aidan 5 yrs old

“I like doing Kihon kata and counting to 20 in Japanese.”
Cooper 7 yrs old

“Karate has helped me and my kids. I have found that you can start Karate at any age. It’s helped me with flexibility, coordination, and balance. It’s good exercise, I really enjoy it! It’s helped my kids in many ways! They are more respectful, disciplined and focused. They enjoy learning the different techniques. Sensei Kim is a very good teacher and works well with the kids. You can tell he wants to build up their confidence and teach them to be proud of their accomplishments.”

“I love everything about Karate, Sensei Kim, the warm-ups, the katas….everything.” Kayla 12 yrs old

“Karate has been a wonderful experience for JT. We have seen many positive changes in him since he began the program. He has gained discipline both mentally and physically. He also has demonstrated a quiet confidence directly related to his success and progress in Karate. His respect for self and others, particularly authority figures, has increased due to what he has been taught during the lessons. He has learned the patience to work hard toward a goal that is not instant, but he knows will be worth the effort in time. He also has gained physical strength, coordination and agility. We are very pleased with the overall effect Karate class has had on our son. We’d like to thank Sensei Kim Barrington for providing this awesome opportunity.”
Jim and Mindy

“I feel karate provides me with an excellent opportunity for exercise and self discipline.”

“Karate gives me strength and confidence.  It also gives me a greater sense of respect and discipline both for myself and others.  Karate helps to keep me limber and relieve stress and tension.  It also gives me a different focus so I can go home a better, calmer wife and mother.”

“Since joining the Karate Club, our daughter has gained self-confidence and is learning to be more disciplined.  She really looks forward to class and enjoys Sensei Kim’s lessons.”