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Springfield Today, October 3, 2017

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Good Moanin’ Springfieldians,

It may have happened 33 years ago this very day, but I remember as if it was yesterday. You may remember the story of that infamous day.

Teri and I were living in Marlette Michigan, I was pastoring my first church.  That Wednesday evening I led a Bible study and Teri went to choir practice, and when she got home, she said, “I think it’s time.”  Being the bright boy, and clueless husband that I was, I said, “Time for what?” And she then informed me that she had been having contractions all evening and she thought it was time for our daughter, Ashley, to make her grand entrance into this world.

She called the doctor.  He happened to still be in his office and so he told us to come to his office and he’d check her out.  I arranged for a neighbor to watch Nathan, loaded Teri up in the car and drove the 20 miles to her doctor’s office, which was in a different small town.

When we arrived he immediately checked her and said, “Get to the hospital now, that baby’s a comin’!”

Well, the hospital we were going to was another 20 or 30 miles away.  But it was a pretty direct route.  I just had to take the road the doctor’s office was on, make a left turn of Highway 24, and that would take us right into the town of Lapeer, where the hospital was located.  I had been there many, many times before.  So, I knew this hospital and I knew the way to the hospital.

As we were driving down this road I started noticing some detour signs.  At first Teri didn’t notice them, she had other things on her mind, like the soon coming baby, but eventually she too noticed the signs, and asked if we shouldn’t follow the detour.

I told her I knew what I was doing; I had been down this road many times before, and not to worry.

Eventually we came to a place that had a barricade completely across the road and had a huge sign attached to that barricade that said, “No Thru Traffic,” but it was very obvious to me that other cars had driven around the barricade and had continued down this road.  And so I figured no matter what was up ahead, I would be able to get around it – because I had to – my wife was having a baby – and I knew this was the quickest and most direct route to the hospital.

Of course, all this time I kept ignoring Teri’s words of caution and her advice that we really should just follow the detour signs.

But I thought, “What does she know, her hormones are out of whack, she’s going to have a baby, she doesn’t have the experience I have in going to this hospital.”  So, I disregarded all the signs, and Teri’s advice, and I charged ahead.

And really the road wasn’t in that bad of shape.  I wondered what the fuss was all about.  And I was just about to pat myself on the back for being so clever in ignoring the signs – and helping to get my wife to the hospital in a timely fashion – when I discovered the reason for all the detour signs.

The bridge over the river was gone.

They weren’t just repairing it.  It wasn’t simply down to one lane of traffic.  The bridge was gone, and unless my car sprouted wings I wasn’t going to make it over it.  So I did the only thing I could do; I turned around and started back from where I had come from.

And then, because I knew the general direction of the hospital, south and west, I turned on to this old, dusty, country, dirt road going south.  Remember it’s night time, and the trees hung over the road casting weird shadows.  The road was full of potholes.  And I am literally flying down this road, trying to miss the potholes, and not succeeding at all, and trying to get the hospital as quickly as possible.  And all the while, as we’re bumping along Teri was saying in a low guttural voice, “How much longer?  How much longer?”

Well, we made it to the hospital in plenty of time.  You know how long it takes for a baby to come.  I mean a mother can be in labor for hours.  We walked through the doors of the hospital and 20 minutes later Ashley made her grand entrance into this world. We had plenty of time.

Have you ever been there, having to retrace your steps when you have chosen to ignore the detour signs?  Or you’ve chosen to ignore God’s direction only to get to that place where you find you can’t go on any longer?  God told you how to handle the marriage, or the finances, or that crisis – and for some reason – not because you don’t love God, not because you were shaking your fist in God’s face and saying I’m going to do it my own way – but for some reason – you chose to handle the situation the way you wanted – and you blew it.  You blew it big time.  And you know if you’re ever going to get back to where you should be – you’re going to have to

retrace your steps. And follow the detour signs.

Or what about the signs Jesus said we would see just before His return?  You’ve seen them. I’ve seen them.  But are we ignoring them?  Are we going on like we haven’t seen the signs?

Read Matthew 24 if you’ve forgotten what the signs are.



What You Need to Know…

Continue to pray for the families of those killed in Las Vegas and those still in the hospital; those in Puerto Rico, Florida and Houston who are still rebuilding after the hurricanes; and those in Mexico who are rebuilding after the earthquakes.

Don’t forget tonight at 6:30 p.m. Missionaries Andy and Judy Bennett will be sharing in a special zone mission service.

Legacy Five in Concert at ONU tomorrow, at Grandparents Day from 9 – 3 PM.  See Jim Mills if you’d like to ride up with him.

Pumpkin Festival – Saturday, October 7, 5 – 8 PM in the gym and on the grounds.  Many pumpkins, lots of games, great food and tons of fun.  Invite everyone you see.  This supports our Children’s Ministry!

BAKE SALE for the Pumpkin Festival needs donations.  Call the office if you want to donate any baked goods or a cake for the cake walk.

Escape Rooms Saturday and Sunday, October 28 & 29, 5 – 9 PM  Gloria Sanguedolce’s theme room, “Harvest Dinner” and  Jody Sarginson’s theme room, “Acorns & Leaves & Pumpkins, oh my!” are sure to having you guessing.  $10 per person.  Get a team of players to escape the room!  This is a teen fundraiser!

Men’s Fellowship now meets at Jerry Stone’s home at 1724 N. 21st, from 6:30 – 7:30 PM every Thursday.


Please pray for:

Melody Boyce – upcoming surgery on Oct. 13

Mary Bishop’s grandson Bannock’s upcoming surgery on Oct. 9

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