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Springfield Today, September 5, 2017

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Good Moanin’ Springfieldians,

It’s autumn and that must mean it’s Cross Country season. Both of my girls ran cross-country in high school, and Teri and I spent many a Saturday mornings at different meets and invitationals.  I’ve noticed there really is something different about this kind of competitive event compared to other sporting events I’ve attended and enjoyed.  You go to a football game or a basketball game, or even a soccer game and it seems not only do the competitors do a bit of trash talking, but even the spectators are there not only to support their team, but they want nothing to do with the other team or their spectators.  It like the line is drawn in the sand and no one will cross it.  You can’t say something nice about your competitor, you can’t wish them good luck, you can’t encourage them to give their best.  You want your team to win and you want the other team to lose.  That’s just the way it is.

But at cross-country meets, while you want your team to win and your teammates to excel, it seems like all the runners want every runner to do their very best.  They seem genuinely concerned if even their competitor is nursing an injury.

Ashley, who while in high school, won many meets and set her school record in the two mile, and set course records on some of the courses she ran – often when she finished her race would go back while her competitors were still on the course and cheer them on and encourage them not to quit and keep running.

I’m telling what happened at one cross-country meet only because Lauren has told it publically and she wouldn’t be embarrassed by me re-telling it.  Both of my girls were competing in yet another 3.1 mile race.  Ashley was a senior, and Lauren was a sophomore.  Ashley was one of the leaders of the team and Lauren was good for a sophomore, good enough to run varsity, but ran somewhat in her sister’s rather large and fast  shadow.  They were competing at Gilbert Willis Park, which was one of the tougher cross-country courses they ran.  It had a huge hill and they sold shirts at every meet that stated “I Beat the Hill” and the date of that particular race.

This race happened to be an invitational race with dozens of schools involved. The runners lined up. The gun sounded and the runners took off.  Ashley settled in her familiar spot in the front pack and they set the pace for the rest of the runners.  It was highly competitive race and while I don’t think Ashley won, she was number one for her school and in the top five for the invitational.

            Ashley then did what she normally did.  She retraced her steps back down the course and began to cheer for her teammates, her competitors, and especially for her little sister as they approached the final stretch of the race.  When Lauren approached the spot where Ashley had stationed herself, all of sudden Ashley took off running and went someplace else.  I thought, “How rude!  Why didn’t she cheer her sister on, she’s cheering everyone else on?”

It then went from bad to worse by my estimation.  When I got to the finish line to see Lauren come across it, there was Ashley waiting for her sister.  But again she wasn’t encouraging her or cheering her on to finish strong.  Rather, as soon as Lauren stepped across the finish line, Ashley took a bucket full of water she had gotten, and threw it all across the front to her little sister.  She absolutely drown Lauren in cold water.

Now it was a cold, Michigan fall day, so she wasn’t doing it to try to cool her sister down.  Instantly, the anger within me began to well up.  Why would she be so mean to her little sister?  But Lauren’s immediate reaction to what her sister did stopped me from saying a word.  I could tell there was more to the story than what appeared to me.  So, I had to find out what was going on.

This is what had happened.

When Ashley went back to cheer the others on she saw her sister approaching, and immediately could tell something was wrong.  With tears in her eyes Lauren was running, but while running her bladder decided she couldn’t wait until the end of the race, and didn’t like the constant pounding.  So right there, in front of God and all of her high school teammates, her competitors, and all of us parents Lauren wet her pants.

I couldn’t even tell it when she ran by me, but Ashley could.  So on a mission to save her sister from embarrassment, she sacrificed her own reputation – “How could a big sister be so mean to her little sister, that she would douse her with water on a cold day?”

In that moment Ashley decided the only way she could keep others from knowing what had happened to Lauren was by throwing a bucket of water on the front of her.

Lauren, now soaked to the bone, sheepishly looked at her big sister and whispered “Thank you…Thank you so much!”

When was the last time you went out of your way, or even sacrificed your own reputation, to protect the reputation of another.  When was the last time you really showed love for that one who was desperately in need of someone willing to love them?

I think cross-country runners rock!


What You Need to Know….


Calendar Committee meeting Wednesday, Sept. 6, 7:30 PM in room #4

Sept 7, 6 PM Glenwood Middle School Football featuring Austin Bush, Antony Boyce, Kyle Miller and Zach Baal

Sept 8, 7 PM Memorial Stadium Half-Time Show featuring Mackie Baal

Sept 9, 9 AM Lincoln Pakr Cross Country featuring Katie Curry, Tristan McLain, Aiden McLain, Cooper Peterson and Aiden Peterson

Ladies Morning Connection begins at 8:00 AM, Saturday, September 9th, in Edgar’s Coffee Shop in the Chatham Goodwill Store for coffee and pastries before shopping in the store.  Then we will all travel to Wabash Avenue Goodwill and Salvation Army to complete our annual Fall Thrift Store Crawl. Sign up in the foyer…or just meet us at Edgar’s.

Tristan McLain will be awarded his Eagle Scout on Sunday, September 10th at 2:00 PM in the Worship Center. Tristan chose to clean up, upgrade and update the parking lot with new rock in the planted areas.  We appreciate his generosity in helping our church.  Public is invited to attend this event.

Church Board will meet on Tuesday, September 12, 7:00 PM in room #4.

Come & Go Wedding Shower for Trevor Workman & Jennifer Druse will be held on September 16 from 10:00 – 12:00 Noon in room #106.  They are registered at Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Come any time and enjoy refreshments.


Please Pray For:

Sharon Hiatt Family – Sharon’s dad passed away (Funeral is at Trinity Nazarene Church on Sept. 9, 2:30 PM)

Mary Bishop’s grandson, Bannock has cystic fibrosis and was running a high fever

Sigi Ware – Jean’s friend in home hospice

Kathi Krell’s stepdad had a stroke

Charles Kapp Family – his dad’s funeral service will be held in Highland, IL this Thursday

Tony Sanguedolce’s dad had a stroke

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