Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Sunday Morning Service Times

Sunday School : 9:30

Worship Service: 10:30

Café Mosaic : 9:00 – 10:15

Sidewalk Cafe: 10:00 – 10:25

Sunday Morning for the typical First Church Family, as told by the typical father: I get out of bed at about 7:00  or so with some coffee and Ray’s Bible Study materials, and relax a bit before heading off to Church with my family. I like to get there a bit before Ray’s Bible Study starts at 9:30, so I can get some gourmet coffee at Café Mosaic that the good folks there in the gym have ready for me. Then I head on across the hall and sit with Ray and about 20 others and to study God’s Word.  There are a few other classes taking place at this time including a class that studies books chosen by Larry, a prayer gathering with the pastor, and a few other activities. Some people like to just sit in the cafe.  By about 10:15, we’re done and I gather up my kids from their own Sunday School and we head into the Sanctuary for worship. There’s nothing like our worship team – they are the best! Once the music concludes, the kids head back to class and we listen to Pastor Fred’s sermon. Sometimes he’ll show a video, sometimes he’ll make a joke, but he always makes an impression. We usually wrap things up around 11:45 and then we look for someone to head out to lunch with.

Ah, Sunday mornings at First Naz… There’s nothing like it!